Organic Cosmetic



Q) What does the pricing listed in this catalog include?

A) The product and packaging are included in our pricing and GST after billing. The design and printing of labels are not included in the pricing.

Q) Are there any hidden costs?

A) No, we are very upfront about what is and isn’t included on this page and in our catalog. You pay at the check-out, including your products, GST, and domestic postage. The final price consists of the outer carton, transport cost, master carton, shrink charges & labor charges. Outside of this, you are required to have your labels designed. That’s all! If you wish to use your packaging and caps, this will incur an extra fee. 

Q) Is your packaging recyclable?

 A) All our packaging is recyclable. The caps and fittings do need to be removed before recycling.

Q) Can I supply my packaging for you to fill?

A) Yes, we do product filling service at NGPL.

Q) Does your products come with boxes?

A) Adding the outer boxes is up to your preference.

Q) Are you Certified Organic?

A) We are a certified organic & natural cosmetic care brand in India. The ingredients used in the manufacturing of our products are sourced right from the fields that are grown organically. 

Q) Do you offer drop shipping?

A) No, we don’t.

Q) Do you export your products overseas?

A) Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q) What is the shelf life of the products? 

A) Our shelf life ranges from 36 months from the date of purchase. Shelf life is mentioned on each product.

Q) Do you design my labels for me?

A) We don’t design labels from scratch, but we’ve had a professional designer create these templates for you (they come complete with all the legal labeling requirements built into them). Otherwise, we can help you and recommend a designer who can Design and Print for all your label design needs.

Q) Will you apply my labels to my packaging if I send them to you?

 A) Yes, we do offer this service.

Q) I’ve tried your samples (which I love!) but am still trying to decide which products to include in my range. HELP!

A) We understand that making a final decision about your products is a biggie, so you can contact our business development team anytime to get help, and they will guide you to get started.  

Q) Can I buy samples in bulk from you to provide to my customers?

A) No, we only supply samples for prospective NGPL brands to sample, not for them to sell to their customers. You can easily create your samples, though. 

Q) I’m worried about people finding out I use a private labeling company. Is my anonymity ensured when I work with NGPL?

A) NGPL will never reveal your identity or give your details to a third party. As well as this, all NGPL staff are made to sign confidentiality agreements. Your anonymity is of utmost importance to us, and we do everything within our power to maintain it.

Q) Can I see some of your brands? 

 A) Due to confidentiality, we cannot disclose any of our brands.

Q) Am I able to modify your products? I’d like to take out and add some ingredients of my choosing.

A) Yes, we can customize and do the required modification per your needs. 

Q) I want a unique product of my own. Can you custom-create it for me?

A) Depending on your needs, we can customize and make the necessary modifications.

Q) I don’t have any business experience. Can I still run a successful skincare business?

A) While it does help, as long as you’re willing to learn, you don’t need any business experience to succeed. The great thing about NGPL is that we provide you with a high-quality product (which is key when running a successful business); you just need to learn how to market it effectively. 

Q) Are NGPL products FDA-approved? 

A) Yes, NGPL products are FDA approved.

Q) What are the turnaround times?

A) NGPL shipping takes 14 to 30 days to deliver your product safely. 

Please note that if you supply your packaging for us to fill, these turnaround times will not begin being calculated once your packaging arrives at our lab.